Strengthening Families

Strengthening Families

Produce Drop Mission Marshall

Fresh Produce now distributed at the Mission Marshall Food Pantry every day it’s open! Starting in Sept 2017!

Produce Drop Twice Monthly

Update the Produce drops will resume in Sept 2017 as Mission Marshall expands to better serve the community.  There will be no produce on July 21st or during Aug 2017!  But Produce will resume and be distributed via the Mission Marshall Food Pantry during normal pantry hours beginning in Sept!

Mission Marshall Partners with the East Texas Food Bank to provide Fresh Produce while available at 2109 S. Washington St. the Main Mission Marshall Building.

More than eight hundred families are assisted with Fresh Meals monthly at the Mission Marshall Food Pantry.  This produce supplements these items with fresh fruits and vegetables.  The Produce is provided as part of the Mission Marshall Food Pantry, so a simple sign up form is required with identification.

We often need volunteers each day the pantry is open.  If you would like to volunteer simply send an email to mscott@missionmarshall.org or leave a message at 903-472-4944

Mission Marshall - Food Truck Delivery

The East Texas Food Bank truck making the produce, pantry, backpack and other drop offs for the Community

Love Where You Live Mission Marshall -Family Garden Intitiative















Family Garden Initiative

Alex Marks Family Garden Initiative seeks to empower local communities to help those who may not be able to afford fresh produce or vegetables by providing a simple above ground movable garden system.  Mission Marshall partnered with this ministry to provide 25 families a small garden this Spring of 2016 and community volunteers and donors made this generous and impactful gift happen for our community!

If you want to volunteer to assist with this ministry initiative feel free to email mscott@missionmarshall.org or leave a message at 903-472-4944

 Collaboration Strengthens Our Community

Mission Marshall is a collaborative effort.  By making both space and resources available to local ministries the work may be multiplied and others reached that otherwise could not be.

Some of the partnering ministries include.  Habitat for Humanity, United Church’s of Marshall Food Pantry now the Mission Marshall Food Pantry, the Faith Medical and Dental clinic, the Red Cross of Harrison County.

Mission Marshall Food Pantry

The Faith Clinic of Marshall Texas