I can Imagine Marshall

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I can imagine Marshall What life could be like in Marshall Texas from Central Baptist Church Marshall July 7, 2014- Director of Mission Marshall  – Misty Scott An excerpt of a community sermon series invitation by Dr. Wallace Watkins Pastor Central Baptist Church emeritus. . . . “Frustration is the result of the difference between our Reality and our expectations. Raise Reality, Don’t lower expectations” (paraphrase of Steve Furtick Elevation Church) So I thought what are my greatest frustrations as a resident as the Director of Mission Marshall as a church member. So I thought I would share with you today. The things we need to use our imagination to raise reality. Because often times we accept the status quo, we ignore the problem, pretend its not there. When we need to be reality raisers as people of faith, to have imagination. So the thing, the over arching theme of the...